From the ashes…

Twisted Pair is alive and well. Work has been continuing despite the lack of updates.

After much flip-flopping with game ideas, we have finally settled on our next game and are incredibly excited about the possibility this will bring (thats not corporate speak… I’m actually fricking excited!).

Due to the nature of our lives we aren’t able to work on the game full time which will slow progress. But spare time is being dedicated toward development and we will make an announcement when we have something worthy of display.

I’ve begun re-writing Shock from scratch in a much cleaner design and I’m very happy with how it is turning out. Porting to various platforms will be much easier. Although I’m concentrating on Windows at the moment, Linux will be trivial (Virtual Machines ftw!) and I’m considering purchasing a 13″ White MacBook for tram development / Apple support.

We still have many interesting game / gameplay ideas were wanting to try out, so should our game idea prove to not be feasible we will begin creating some tech demos to prototype some of these.

I won’t be updating Pingoo to the new code as I no longer need it, but should I receive enough requests (or even need it myself), I may spend the time learning the Gtk API properly and update it.


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