Of Netbooks and Men

Development of Shock continues admist life. I will be picking up a netbook soon so I can code on the tram. So I’ve been looking at what’s available and at what cost and comparing their form and function to my needs.

I’ve considered getting an Apple MacBook (at the heinous price that they are) but I think its just too big for what I need. Even though cross-developing early for Mac would be nice, I would probably be too defensive due to the cost and never let it leave the house.

I did see an eMachines netbook for AU$150 but it disappeared from their stock when I started becoming more serious about getting one. The next cheapest models I’ve seen are for $370+ new. For $150 I couldn’t complain, but once you start talking $300+ things become a bit more “but it doesn’t have XYZ”.

The current options are basically an ASUS Eee PC 1001PX (or a R105 which I can’t find any information on so I won’t touch it), Acer Aspire One 260 or Samsung N210.

The logo on the Acer Aspire One, which is apparently popular, is horrendous. It just makes me think “My user is a special-needs person”. So that one is out.

I was hoping to get an ASUS 1001PX, the store said it was in stock (on their page and in their online inventory) but it ended up not being available. So that was a let down. The one store that does have it, doesn’t have it in white.

So tomorrow I’m going to pick up a Samsung N210. I’m not big on Samsung but no one has white netbooks (I just want a white one ok!) and it has a nicely spaced keyboard, although I find the fn+up / down for page up / down on the Asus to be better than the individual buttons on the N210 (ironically), I just see myself accidently pressing them when I use the arrow keys.

All I really want is a white netbook that has a non-gloss screen, for less than $400. And its taken me all week to find one that I could live with.

Anyway, I will be putting Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it and use it for my Linux development. I run XP on my primary laptop so I can play my games, I’m so sick of having a primary computer down because a distro update failed! Thats the only good thing about Microsofts strategy of not adding new features post-release, they don’t break things any where near as often.

I can always run a hackintosh in a VM to get my code working on OS-X until Apple decide to release a decently priced system.


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