Progress, Decisions and Optimism

Work on Shock has been slow but good. I’m developing the engine toward an actual game, rather than hammering out a perfect framework first. Just to be clear, I am writing good code that will be in the engine for a long time. What I’m not doing is writing code that I don’t need yet. A mistake I made with my last game framework (unreleased). I’m currently scavenging code and ideas from it for Shock, which is far superior.

It’s incredibly exciting to see all of these concepts, ideas and designs come to life. I’ve had the Shock engine in my head for over 5 years now and I’ve been constantly refining it as I learn more and more about better programming practice and new programming methodologies. Shock isn’t really anything new, it’s more that it is a single implementation of the best ideas I’ve come across in that time.

I have been playing around with Python and to be honest, I’m opening up to the idea of developing in other languages. The Panda3D game engine looks quite promising, it even has an MMO released using it. But for some reason I just can’t walk away from C++. It’s strange. To be honest, I hate C++. It’s a bollocks language. It gives you a shotgun and lets you shoot your foot off in so many ways its not funny. But its hard to find information about Python development on iOS and Android, even for major libraries like PyGame.

I have been contemplating writing a mobile app in Javascript, but the lack of WebGL is a deal killer, although it should just be around the corner.

I’ve had to make some decisions regarding making Twisted Pair a reality. It’s been hard, and it’s still a gamble. But at least it’s had time to sink in, surface, sink, surface again and to solidify into something that is tangible.

Twisted Pair is really about making high quality, complex, desktop games. I love simulations. I always have. Tanks, Planes, infantry shooters. You name it (doesn’t mean I’m any good =P ). But to develop those games would take many years, and by that time I would be destitute (and with a family to look after, thats not a very good decision).

So, a plan has been laid out. We will take a few stepping stones. Some smaller projects aimed at different markets. Different to what I would have expected to develop for that is. These projects will be simpler, smaller, but will still be high quality games that I would actually like to play. Twisted Pair does not make, what Twisted Pair does not play!

I’m very excited by the prospect of developing and releasing these games. I hope to make these a reality. I would like to reveal what these projects are, but at the moment I don’t really have an audience on this blog, so all I would be doing is revealing my plans to the world before I’m even on the starting line. I may be writing these words the winds at the moment, but I hope once Twisted Pair makes a name for itself, these posts will be an interesting retrospective on our founding years.


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