Shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic

The company I work for just fired half of our engineers. I resigned a few weeks ago and was content to work out the remainder of my contract, but this has really angered me.

For the few years, management has been throwing us around, re-assigning us to different projects, making us move desks constantly (productivity is a function of the mean of the distance to each person working on your project?), putting focus on projects that are clearly going to fail, waiving the same carrots year after year in the form of future projects and as always retrenching good engineers.

A number of people have resigned and others are moving to separate businesses within the company. One person announced their leaving after they had done the round of firings and it was almost amusing to see them have to un-fire someone. I just wish they hadn’t accepted the offer.

What really disgusts me is that the people running the business, that are begging the Australian and Global company for more money and time are the same people that made the bad decisions when I first started working there. The same people that decided a small rapid-prototyping R&D business could instantly move to developing multi-year projects with full engineering certification with no releasable products until completion.

Each time a project falls behind because of over-zealous project plans, a contract is lost because of better competition or our parent divisions pull our funding, it’s the engineers that get punished. The people that are actually making the decisions aren’t getting punished. Just like in politics or the catholic church, the ones that cause the problem are shuffled into a new position, everything is covered up, and the blame trickles down to the lowest level where it becomes mutated into a lie about budget deficiencies.

It’s incredibly frustrating working for a “world class” engineering company where even in your own internal reporting of something as trivial as a time-sheet, you have your immediate manager constantly telling you to falsify information because “you shouldn’t be working on that project”.

It just confirms my feelings about corporate life. The business is pretty screwed and it brings a sick pleasure to see it fall apart in-front of me. I was content to work out the rest of my contract, but it’s becoming more and more tempting to burn all my bridges just to burn some managers on my way out.


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