RPS: The Very Important List Of PC Games

Update: Linking to the summary rather than each individual page.

Pretty damn accurate.

My comments:

Dragon Age: I could say a lot about this game. I won’t. I enjoyed my time with it until I started to reload and reload and reload as conversations went places I didn’t like. Combat didn’t do it for me either.

World of Goo: The most horrid puzzle game I’ve played. Having to click onto the randomly moving goo balls while they randomly shift the weight of your precariously placed tower. Drag it to where you want, only for the ball to decide to place itself somewhere else and totally over-balance your tower. What more could I want from a user interface?!!!! DELETED!

Beyond Good and Evil: … seemed like an ordinary X-Box game (meaning that all X-Box 1 games were the same game with different art assets). Didn’t bother to keep playing after an hour or two.

The Longest Journey: A good adventure game, but I didn’t feel drawn in like everyone else claimed.

Burnout Paradise: Could be awesome… apart from the fact that the GPS system only provides a compass. I’ve yet to finish a single race because I take the lead and then get stuck on a cliff below the finish line. I never did figure out how to finish that first race… =/

Thief: The dark age:  More of an obscure pixel hunt than the interesting game it could’ve been. Deleted it after the first level.

Prince of Persia: SoT: A horrible platform game with no substance. Deleted it after 30 mins of boredom.


2 Responses to “RPS: The Very Important List Of PC Games”

  1. Agree on dragon age, for me the reloading happened WAY too early.

    Disagree on world of goo, but it seems I liked it for the very same reasons you hated it… the organicness of it all.

    Pass on the others, except Thief, you’re talking about the first one right? I don’t know if I understand why it was an obscure pixel hunt…

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