Telstra BigPond Thompson Modem and Killing Floor

The Thompson modem used by Telstra (and On2 and BT) creates a unique issue with Killing Floor. I documented this on the Steam forums but it doesn’t appear to have gotten much attention so I thought I would reproduce it below.

Edit: There is now an “official” fix on the Steam forums, but I cannot verify if it resolves these issues.

After bashing my head against the brick-wall that is Telstra, I finally found information pointing to my Thomson modem from Telstra BigPond (which is the same as BT and On2 in the UK) was the problem.

The problem has been described well before.
Essentially around 10 – 30 seconds after joining a server the connection dies and everyone continues walking in a straight line.
Examples are:…hlight=thomson…hlight=thomson…hlight=thomson…hlight=thomson…hlight=thomson
Etc etc…

This instructions to resolve it are here:…32&postcount=4

Specifically the telnet instructions. Port forwarding via the web interface did nothing.

For Telstra, the gateway IP is
See here for more details…ling_Floor.htm

Here are clearer instructions for how to solve this, they are the same as in the above link but clearer for non technical people.

On XP you can use hyper terminal (Start > Applications > Accessories > Communications > Hyper Terminal)
On Vista or newer you will need to download PuTTY or any other telnet client (…/x86/putty.exe).

Hyperterminal presents you with some horrible text boxes.

  1. First just enter any name, Ie “Thomson”, select any icon and click Ok
  2. Enter any details you want for the phone connection, these arent important.
  3. Keep going until you get to a dialog with a “Connection” drop down list.
  4. Select “TCP/IP (Winsock)”
  5. Enter “” for the IP
  6. Leave the Port Number as “23”
  7. Click the “Ok” button

For PuTTY, do the following:

  1. Select “telnet”
  2. Enter IP:
  3. Port: 23
  4. Click the “Open” button

You should now be connected to the router.

You must log into the router, the default username is “admin” and default password is empty (just push enter).
If you manually set one yourself, enter that username and password.

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the command line of your modem. This is where you must enter the following commands:

  1. Type “connection bindlist” and press enter. This will list connection bindings.
  2. Look for a line that contains “GAME” and some port numbers. For example: GAME(UDP) udp 27010-27011
  3. Enter the command “connection unbind application=GAME(UDP) port=27010-27011” and press enter.  The port numbers in this command must match the numbers that are listed in your GAME port listing, similar to the example above.
  4. Try joining a KF game and see if that fixes things.
  5. Type “saveall” and wait for the settings to be saved to flash.

(Credit goes to Morello and others for resolving this, I’m merely trying to provide a single place for all Thomson suffers to get help).

I hope other people find this as there are no search terms for BigPond, Telstra or what not for this issue, only if you know the name Thomson do you find it.

2 Responses to “Telstra BigPond Thompson Modem and Killing Floor”

  1. Thank you so much @_@
    Was pretty annoying only being able to join 1% of servers.

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