Some people just don’t Grok piracy

Same thread, new post. Some people just can’t learn how to break an issue down and look at it objectively.Piracy: Imagine your car gets stolen but it's still there in the morning.

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Again a try to legitimize this behavior 

Oh really? What about stolen programming code? Like ones major corporations use for whatever. You may have a copy of it and they have the original. But isn’t that theft? Digital information is still considered theft if its copied.

You are compounding different issues into a single one.

Issue 1. Copying is not stealing. It’s copying. There is no physical loss. When someone copies a file from you, is there a loss on your part? No.
Do you get sad when you give someone a copy of a file? No.

There is NO physical loss.

Issue 2. Is it illegal. Under the current copyright law that was created a hundred years before the digital revolution, yes.
It’s also illegal to have various forms of sex in some states. Just like it’s illegal to possess a concealed knife in some states but you can carry a machine gun in full view.
Perhaps copyright laws should also be added to this list?

The law is meant to describe a logical set of rules. But they often fail to do so accurately due to the nature of language.
Should all laws be interpreted to the letter?
Should a single breach of any law result in the maximum punishment allowed by the law? Shouldn’t the each act be given context?
Should homeless people be punished for stealing bread?
What about for squatting in their own homes when they’ve defaulted on the loan?
What about when that bank receives a billion dollar bailout themselves because they’re about to default on their loans?

The act itself cannot be judged without context. Reason and situation are vitally important.

You’ve also added another issue.
Issue 3. The theft of source code.
This grants not just access to the product, but access to the intellectual property behind it. The internal workings and frameworks used to create the work, the knowledge, calculations and methods used to perform the task.
Theft of source code between companies is VERY different to the theft of a game in binary form.

What is the difference if someone copies your work. You still maintain ownership and possession of the original.
Are you sad because your work suddenly disappeared? No, you have an emotional reaction because you worked on it and wanted to be paid for it and yet someone got it for free.
Perhaps also because you’ve lost control of the distribution of your work.
But this is an emotional response. You have to break through emotion to see the facts. The facts are, you haven’t lost anything. And the people that copied it most likely wouldn’t have bought it anyway.
What about all the games you copied as a child? Should you go to jail for that? Your dad? The kid next door? Hell, lock up the whole world! Because we’ve all copied something.

Better destroy your VCR, MP3 player, Digital video recorder. That photo copier at work? Take a baseball bat to it. Hell, better delete your porn collection and un-bookmark all those video sites you like.

In fact, there is a massive copyright infringing den in most cities. Right under your nose works are being given away with no money going to the owner. So while you’re on your copyright crusade you should stop going to your local library too. Because they’ve been distributing copyrighted works for hundreds of years. Perhaps you should start a campaign? Make a citizens arrest. I’m sure you’d be a hero.

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