Make sucks

I used Make extensively at my last job. You know what? Make sucks!

I’ve talked about this on Reddit and the only response I ever got was fan boi’s who have memorised the manual saying “You just need to read the manual! It’s fine!”.

Arbeit GNU Macht frei


2 Responses to “Make sucks”

  1. Eugene Says:

    Try cmake, this is not make alternative, but it generate makefiles and you just used it, on another systems it can generate project files for eclipse, visual studio and other.

    • I’ve seen CMake and used it to build others software but never mine. It seems quite powerful but one could say the same about make.
      I’ve seen some syntax and it seems similar to scons syntax (which is good), although scons is a build system, not a project builder.

      For the time being I’ve given up and I’m relegating myself to Eclipse CDT and PyDev which is ok. But it means you’re stuck with MinGW for C++. And most projects don’t support MinGW. So you need to have Visual Studio installed to build them (MinGW can apparently link against VS libs now), so what’s the point of Eclipse?!
      If Eclipse could use VCBuild it would be perfect. But I haven’t seen anyone create that yet (I wouldn’t have thought it would be hard? Just convert Eclipse project to VCProj XML?).

      Here’s hoping =P

      Thanks for your comment =)

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