Building PyBullet on Windows

PyBullet is a wrapper around the popular Bullet C++ physics library.

Once you’ve build the C++ Bullet library you can then build PyBullet.

The PyBullet documentation states to use the –include-dirs directive to add the Bullet include path, but it also requires the numpy include directory which didn’t resolve automatically for me. Unfortunately you can’t just append it to the –include-dirs flag.

I resolved it with the following:

cd path\to\PyBullet

set INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%;c:\path\to\python\site-packages\numpy\core\include

python build_ext –include-dirs c:\path\to\bullet\src –library-dirs c:\path\to\bullet\msvc\2008\lib\Release

Obviously you replace the \msvc\2008 directory with the appropriate one if you didn’t build the vanilla target.

After this, copy the file PyBullet\build\lib.win32-2.6\bullet\bullet.pyd to PyBullet\bullet.

Include the PyBullet\bullet directory in your Python project and import.

You should now be able to do the following:

import bullet.bullet as bullet

print help(bullet)

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