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Shock goes Open Source

Posted in Development, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , , , , on 2011/12/04 by Adam Griffiths

Today marks a historic day for Twisted Pair, as we release the full source code to the Shock C++ Cross-Platform library.

The project files and Socket module are currently missing.

When I get time, I’ll take a day to create the project files for MSVC, Eclipse and XCode.

Look out for PyGLy, our Python graphics library, on GitHub soon.

And so it begins…

Posted in Development, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , , on 2011/01/23 by Adam Griffiths

Well, I resigned from my job last friday to focus full time on Twisted Pair.

The way I see it, if I fail at getting this off the ground, I can just consider the time spent as a big holiday with my family. So either way, everyone wins… apart from my bank account =P.

I’m taking some time to relax but will pick up development after my last day (three weeks from now). I’ve been thinking a lot about Shock and I’ve solved a number of things in my head so it will be full steam ahead once development starts. I’m really looking forward to seeing some milestones.

Sometimes you spend forever designing your house of cards to be rebust only to find the bricks were beside you all along

Posted in Development, Rant, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , , on 2011/01/11 by Adam Griffiths

I’ve spent the last 5 years designing my C++ library Shock. It’s basically designed to let me create a number of games I’ve always wanted to make with a massive amount of code re-use and a number of other niceties thrown in.

I’ve been experimenting with Python and it’s opened my eyes to the flexibility of modern programming languages. I think it’s what I should be developing in.

I’ve coded C++ since uni. It’s what I do for a living. But the irony is, I hate C++. It’s not just that I work with it all the time and have had bad experiences, C++ is truly horrible. And the sad thing is, it’s so pervasive that we can’t shake it.

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Progress, Decisions and Optimism

Posted in Development, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , on 2010/12/27 by Adam Griffiths

Work on Shock has been slow but good. I’m developing the engine toward an actual game, rather than hammering out a perfect framework first. Just to be clear, I am writing good code that will be in the engine for a long time. What I’m not doing is writing code that I don’t need yet. A mistake I made with my last game framework (unreleased). I’m currently scavenging code and ideas from it for Shock, which is far superior.

It’s incredibly exciting to see all of these concepts, ideas and designs come to life. I’ve had the Shock engine in my head for over 5 years now and I’ve been constantly refining it as I learn more and more about better programming practice and new programming methodologies. Shock isn’t really anything new, it’s more that it is a single implementation of the best ideas I’ve come across in that time.

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From the ashes…

Posted in Development, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , on 2010/10/22 by Adam Griffiths

Twisted Pair is alive and well. Work has been continuing despite the lack of updates.

After much flip-flopping with game ideas, we have finally settled on our next game and are incredibly excited about the possibility this will bring (thats not corporate speak… I’m actually fricking excited!).

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Life and the Tao

Posted in Development, Shock with tags , , on 2009/07/04 by Adam Griffiths

At the moment I’m concentrating on foundation work and creating my concurrency model. Once this is done things will progress much more quickly.

I have to say, threading is the most interesting and rewarding part of programming. Working on a purely logical level is what most programmers desire, and concurrency issues are pure logic. That being said, concurrency is evil and a good programmer will limit the interactions between threads to a minimal. However, as always each project requires its own approach due to the requirements and limitations of each.

Progress has been slow recently due to a few extreme events in my personal life. I’ve recently come back to working on the project even though things in my life are far from resolved =/.

The more time I spend away from coding, the more I realise the following is true.

“After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless.”

The Tao of Programming

Truly, this is the Tao of Programming.

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