PyGLy is a flexible OpenGL framework that sits ontop of Pyglet.

PyGLy is part of our core development and forms the foundation of our 3D graphics stack.

PyGLy’s core values are the following:

  • FRAMEWORK, not an engine. Program any way you want.
  • FLEXIBLE, don’t force any one method upon the user.
  • FULL CONTROL at all times. Full access to rendering, objects, data. No obfuscation. No ‘awesome’ tricks. Just good, simple code.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. No crazy C++ bindings and complex build procedures.
  • EXPOSE as much functionality as possible. Lower classes are always accessible or usable on their own.
  • LOOSE COUPLING. Code designed to be reused in various situations.
  • OPTIONAL high level classes. Low level code is always usable. High level API is optional.
  • EXAMPLES of high quality.
  • PYTHON to the core.
  • SPEED in development. Provide convenience functions where it makes sense.

PyGLy is open source software licensed under the very liberal BSD 2-clause license.

PyGLy can be found on our Github repository.

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