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Shock goes Open Source

Posted in Development, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , , , , on 2011/12/04 by Adam Griffiths

Today marks a historic day for Twisted Pair, as we release the full source code to the Shock C++ Cross-Platform library.

The project files and Socket module are currently missing.

When I get time, I’ll take a day to create the project files for MSVC, Eclipse and XCode.

Look out for PyGLy, our Python graphics library, on GitHub soon.

Make sucks

Posted in Programming, Rant, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on 2011/04/03 by Adam Griffiths

I used Make extensively at my last job. You know what? Make sucks!

I’ve talked about this on Reddit and the only response I ever got was fan boi’s who have memorised the manual saying “You just need to read the manual! It’s fine!”.

Arbeit GNU Macht frei

Developing cross-platform C++ projects that don’t require the heap

Posted in Development with tags , , on 2011/02/16 by Adam Griffiths

Cross-platform abstraction is generally done with inheritance. I’ve developed a cleaner method that ditches inheritance but may turn some “purists” off.

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Rules for properly structuring and developing a C++ project

Posted in Development with tags , , on 2011/02/16 by Adam Griffiths

There are many different methods programmers have picked up for laying out a C++ project or library.

After a number of years of implementing, interacting and improving C++ projects, I’ve found the following to be the best structure to use.

These design rules and patterns are designed to increase consistency, readability, modularity and reduce programmer error.

Tribute to the refinement of my coding style and practices goes to a number of people I’ve worked with (read: leached their brains), including but not limited to David Hogan, Jeremy Kincaid, et al.

Last updated 2011/02/16

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Beware threaded ICMP on Vista

Posted in Development with tags , , on 2011/02/15 by Adam Griffiths

I wrote about this issue a while ago, but the post was, well… a bit of a rant.

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Sometimes you spend forever designing your house of cards to be rebust only to find the bricks were beside you all along

Posted in Development, Rant, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , , on 2011/01/11 by Adam Griffiths

I’ve spent the last 5 years designing my C++ library Shock. It’s basically designed to let me create a number of games I’ve always wanted to make with a massive amount of code re-use and a number of other niceties thrown in.

I’ve been experimenting with Python and it’s opened my eyes to the flexibility of modern programming languages. I think it’s what I should be developing in.

I’ve coded C++ since uni. It’s what I do for a living. But the irony is, I hate C++. It’s not just that I work with it all the time and have had bad experiences, C++ is truly horrible. And the sad thing is, it’s so pervasive that we can’t shake it.

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