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Shock goes Open Source

Posted in Development, Shock, Twisted Pair with tags , , , , , , on 2011/12/04 by Adam Griffiths

Today marks a historic day for Twisted Pair, as we release the full source code to the Shock C++ Cross-Platform library.

The project files and Socket module are currently missing.

When I get time, I’ll take a day to create the project files for MSVC, Eclipse and XCode.

Look out for PyGLy, our Python graphics library, on GitHub soon.

Pinning Eclipse to the Windows 7 “start bar”

Posted in How To, Programming with tags , , , , on 2011/05/26 by Adam Griffiths

Eclipse and Windows 7 have a bit of a feud. There is no option to pin Eclipse to the start bar. If you create a shortcut you can pin the shortcut, but when the app is run it creates a second item.

Found a post that fixes this annoying issue.

Be aware that you’ll need to edit the file as Admin if you installed Eclipse into a system location. Best way is to go Start > “WordPad” > Right Click > Run as Administrator, and then open the file from inside the application.

Building PyBullet on Windows

Posted in How To, Programming with tags , , , on 2011/05/24 by Adam Griffiths

PyBullet is a wrapper around the popular Bullet C++ physics library.

Once you’ve build the C++ Bullet library you can then build PyBullet.

The PyBullet documentation states to use the –include-dirs directive to add the Bullet include path, but it also requires the numpy include directory which didn’t resolve automatically for me. Unfortunately you can’t just append it to the –include-dirs flag.

I resolved it with the following:

cd path\to\PyBullet

set INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%;c:\path\to\python\site-packages\numpy\core\include

python build_ext –include-dirs c:\path\to\bullet\src –library-dirs c:\path\to\bullet\msvc\2008\lib\Release

Obviously you replace the \msvc\2008 directory with the appropriate one if you didn’t build the vanilla target.

After this, copy the file PyBullet\build\lib.win32-2.6\bullet\bullet.pyd to PyBullet\bullet.

Include the PyBullet\bullet directory in your Python project and import.

You should now be able to do the following:

import bullet.bullet as bullet

print help(bullet)

The truth of DRM

Posted in Games Industry, Rant with tags , , , , , , on 2011/04/01 by Adam Griffiths

I just posted this on Steam, it’s a rant but I think it expressed my feelings on DRM quite well.

Content protection system

Post below in-case you’re scared of the Steam forums (don’t blame you).

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Beware threaded ICMP on Vista

Posted in Development with tags , , on 2011/02/15 by Adam Griffiths

I wrote about this issue a while ago, but the post was, well… a bit of a rant.

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Posted in Rant with tags , , , , , , , on 2010/11/14 by Adam Griffiths

N145, I am impressed =)

Just wish Ubuntu had a netbook remix installer for 64-bit. I’m too lazy to roll my own from the desktop edition so I’ll just stick with 32-bit development (XP and Linux) for the time being. My code should be 64-bit clean so it should present no problem.

I also ran Windows 7… for all of 2 minutes before I got thoroughly bored and removed it. There is no curiosity like with an OS like OS-X or desktops like Gnome and Unity, just… the same interface with a different chrome. Maybe thats a good thing for the Windows eco-system. But its not exactly something that inspires imagination.

The problem with software

Posted in Rant with tags , , on 2009/04/23 by Adam Griffiths

Developing my own socket abstraction library has revealed a number of interesting issues with typical software platforms.
Specifically software compatibility and the incremental release systems used by companies like Microsoft for their Windows operating system.

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